Thank you from your winner – Jasmine!

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I can’t believe that you chose me! I had such an amazing time chatting with you and answering your questions. There were some great questions thrown my way and it was great to see so many of you share your enthusiasm for science. Many thanks to the you, your teachers and the I’m a Scientist team, without whom this event would not have been possible.

I also want to thank the School of Science at the National University of Ireland, Galway. STEM engagement is always encouraged and celebrated in this school and the school provided me with an opportunity to communicate my research in a constructive and gratifying way.

While doing STEM engagement, I have stripped my research down to the bare minimum and I have been asked questions that I would never have considered at the level that I usually approach my research at. These questions have opened my eyes to the level of detail that I need to give when I’m explaining why I’m doing what I do and what the benefits of it are.

Sometimes a PhD can be difficult, a lot of the time it can be stressful, and quite often I ask myself why I’m doing this. A lot of you asked me why I became a scientist and I was reminded that I became a scientist because I love to learn and make new discoveries! Your questions have rejuvenated me and have given me the “oomph” to finish my PhD with the same energy that I started it with and I will forever be grateful.

Overall, I would highly recommend I’m a Scientist to any scientists in need of a revitalising distraction from their research. It was such a rewarding experience and to know that I might have inspired some of you to pursue science, maybe even marine science, is a big enough reward for me but I am also absolutely delighted to have one, thank you again, and I hope to put the prize money to good use to continue my journey.

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